Joining The Alternative Energy Revolution

What You Can Learn From Our Journey


Elle Schorr and Jerry Kornbluth

After retiring from our full time professions about 9 years ago, we moved to a newly constructed home in the Lake Worth area of Southeastern Florida. At that time, energy was relatively inexpensive and the concept of global warming was not appearing in the headlines as it is today. Like many new home owners, we assumed that our home was sufficiently energy efficient and didn't focus on the topic very much.

Since we were now home for a much larger portion of the week, the quality of our home environment and the costs associated with maintaining that quality began to become more important to us.
As time went on, and both the price of energy and our awareness of the impact of home energy use on the evironment rose, we began to realize that there were some energy efficiency and comfort issues that should be addressed. The cost of keeping our home comfortable was increasing. Especially during the summer months, there were rooms in our home that were much warmer and less comfortable than others, at varying times of the day.

During the summer of 2007 we decided to take a more serious look at our lifestyle, our energy consumption, and the comfort of our home.

This guide documents our journey into the world of Alternative Energy. We hope that the things that we learned along the way will be instrumental in saving you time and money as you contemplate joining the Alternative Energy revolution.